Keen Communications Group was born in Argentina as AK Consultora in 2000, at that time our technology clients were talking about Y2K and the change of millennium was our first responsibility: to communicate what the risks were, generating trust in our clients’ consumers.

Our experience has grown and we have incorporated clients from different sectors communicating in Latin America: tourism, health, gastronomy, manufacturing, fashion, luxury, industry, betting, fintech, sustainability, NGOs, entertainment, sports, wineries and automotive, among many others. . .

We have learned that each client has a story to tell, that each brand is born with an interesting DNA that we transform into news, data and valuable information. We know that these stories evolve and we will be able to continue telling them for a long time.

We are experiencing technological advances, we also talk about issues such as inclusion, diversity, artificial intelligence and vaccines in a pandemic. Because we always communicate, at all times.

Our clients know that communication is our language because we know how to associate brands with their audiences through their stories, sharing them, making them part of the brands, turning them into their fans and ambassadors.

We are a voice and a bridge between continents, we also unite countries inside and outside the EEC. Our way of working stands out for being accessible to our clients, knowing the reality of each of the countries in which we operate to do business. We are in Europe and we have local teams in each country where we offer our services.


Andrea Keen
CEO & Founder

Communication professional. She has directed campaigns and led public relations and marketing teams for clients from different areas and markets with a strategic vision and focus on the success of her clients.

Her experience includes, among others, the position of Head Country for three countries in a global communication agency, the creation and management of communication spaces for both private companies and public organizations, including the design of strategic plans and the coordination of large events, as well as content creation for recognized international companies.

She founded her first communications agency in 1998 in Argentina, where she worked for more than 20 years, today transferring her experience and her “Know How” to Europe at the head of Keen Communications Group. Surrounded by a young and versatile team of professionals, she stands out for her deep knowledge of different markets. During his professional career she has achieved numerous success stories.

Specialist in Public Relations, she specialized in International Marketing and Social Media. She is an expert in Business Development, Marketing and Networking. She belongs to FIRP, the Italian Federation of Public Relations and is part of the Lean In Network, a global network of women leaders. She has given lectures on corporate positioning and marketing strategies and has been a member of the jury for important international awards.

We are a bridge to do international business

We are specialists in positioning companies in international markets, we have a history of more than 20 years in the sector. We are experts in business and market development, including communication and marketing strategies segmented by country of interest in our services.

We have recognized experience in the communication market, both digital and media, we are appreciated for our work by important journalists from specialized and general media.

We know that our clients need continuous support, the international market is a market in constant evolution and growth, that is why we are always close to our clients to achieve the objectives set in each case.



We have local teams and we open markets and position companies in countries in Europe and America:

Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Florida (US Hispanic market)