We are especially dedicated to Roots Tourism, our origins (all European grandparents) mean that we have a special affinity with the accommodation destinations in Europe that welcome this very particular traveler, whom we know perfectly, eager to find his story in the places where their ancestors lived.

Roots tourism is an important moment in the search for identity of those who travel to Europe, mainly to Italy. According to data from the Italian National Tourism Office (ENIT), this tourism attracts 10 million travelers from abroad to Italy every year, around 63.5 million accommodations are booked and around 4.1 billion euros are consumed. From this report it appears that in the last 20 years the number of people who have traveled to Italy for this purpose has doubled (+ 72.5%).

We especially highlight the positive impact of this segment of tourists on the places they visit, since they show 100% interest in visiting places not exploited for tourism purposes and in integrating their trip into the region to which they belong.

We are dedicated to the positioning of destinations and have direct contact with travel agencies that consider including this market niche in their offer.

In our case, we are Italian-Argentinian and we have been operating in outbound tourism in Latin America for more than 20 years, dedicating ourselves to the promotion of European destinations with the expert perspective of potential travelers seeking to know their history and roots.


We use different tourism marketing strategies to position attractions, destinations and hotels.


We design marketing plans for the tourist business covering all areas of marketing, communication and public relations. We create high-impact tourist content, we promote articles in specialized media, we identify influencers and we work with them, we work all in the social media. We participate in holidays by promoting to our customers, establishing commercial contacts and positioning our destinations in our reference countries.


We connect wholesale tourism operators and travel agencies with the aim of generating business and positioning our clients within their tourism offer.

We are Business Contact so we carry out effective actions to inform these operators of the destination.